Tourist attraction

Tourist attraction Ferris wheel / Giant Wheel

Visitor magnet Ferris wheel

Ferris wheels are a very popular tourist attraction in many cities around the world. The Ferris wheel installations in Las Vegas, Dubai, Singapore, London, Rimini, Lyon or Paris speak for themselves. They let tourists and residents experience completely new and unforgettable impressions of their city. A Ferris wheel is a real visitor magnet and becomes an eye-catcher and a central meeting place for cities, events, corporate events, Christmas markets or music festivals.

The Ferris Wheel – a cross-generational experience

The ride in one of our giant wheels is suitable for young and old – it connects generations. The (semi) closed gondola design gives our passengers a very high sense of security, allowing a completely carefree enjoyment of the unique view. Sightseeing trips for families with children or the romantic flight of love in love. Every visitor experiences the ride in the Ferris wheel in his own way. During the day you can enjoy the kilometer-wide view – in twilight and darkness you will be enchanted by the glittering lights of the city, over whose roofs you are floating.

Expand the skyline of your city with us

Our company enables cities, companies and organizations to present to their guests at their location or at their event a Ferris wheel as a temporary or permanent attraction. Our portfolio includes the 70-meter-high mobile giant wheel Roue de Paris, the two portable giant wheels of the 55-meter class Ferris Wheel Of Budapest and The View, which are suitable for almost every Ferris wheel event and every use. As a full service company, we undertake the complete planning, if required the individual branding, transport, setup and dismantling as well as the operation with our well-rehearsed teams. By the end of the year 2019, we are expanding our portfolio by the panoramic giant wheel The View 2, which is currently under construction.

Giant wheel special events

Special events on the Giant wheel are a media-effective added value within the overall event. Here are some Giant wheel special event examples:

  • Marry on the Ferris wheel
  • Breakfast / Brunch on the Ferris wheel

  • Ferris Wheel Dinner Event

  • Ferris wheel charity

  • Wine tasting on the Ferris wheel
  • Live music at the Ferris wheel

At the “Charity” celebrities from politics or the arts take over the job as a cashier or help guests boarding the gondolas. For example, the proceeds will be donated to a relief organization or local social institution.

Other options include anniversary celebrations, breakfast / brunch in the Ferris wheel gondola or the wedding of a bride and groom during the panoramic ride in the Riesenrad. In any case, we provide for the professional and theme-appropriate decoration and on request also for the catering.

Another highlight are events with live music on the Riesenrad. Popular musicians from the region or nationally known stars perform in front of the Ferris wheel or in one of the gondolas.

The name of the special event can be adapted to the character of the overall event or to a sponsor.