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Sales panoramic ferris wheel

In cooperation with the manufacturer SAD Maschinenbau from Dinslaken (Germany) we are your partner for the new Panorama Ferris wheel.

The system impresses with an innovative construction and the very compact dimensions with a total height of an impressive 50 meters.

The panoramic Ferris wheel stands on 6 pillars and is therefore less with 2 supports than a conventional Ferris wheel design. This reduces the space required behind the Ferris wheel, while the front section benefits from an enlarged station.

A total of 36 gondolas with a standing height of over 2 meters can accommodate up to 216 passengers. The dome-shaped glazing of the gondolas offers an undisturbed panoramic view over the rooftops of the city.

One of the visual highlights of the new Panoram Ferris wheel is the sun designed as an LED video wall (wheel hub). At a diameter of 5.5 meters, photos, videos and animations are displayed with approx. 2.8 million pixels.

The loading of the entire system is carried out on standard semi-trailers, thus enabling easy transport by truck and ship.

  • 50 meters total height
  • 36 half-closed gondolas for carefree enjoyment of the view
  • family-friendly tourist attraction
  • elegant neutral white design
  • many freely configurable surfaces create the best conditions for event branding
  • Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED lighting
  • most modern safety standards
  • DIN EN 13814
  • Manufacturer: SAD Maschinenbau, Germany

Panoramic ferris wheel renderings

Technical specifications

With: 22,7 m
Depth wind load zone 3: 20,0 m
Depth wind load zone 4: 25,0 m
Height: 48 m
Number of gondolas: 36 à 6 Personen
Lightning: Energy-efficient LED-technology
Year of construction: 2019
EU-standard: DIN EN 13814

Your contact person:

René Bufkens
Mobile : +32 474 34 85 06
E-Mail : info@giantwheel.eu

Toni Denies
Mobile: +49 160 150 98 69
E-Mail: info@giantwheel.eu