Giant Wheel Roue de Paris

Giant Wheel »Roue de Paris«

The ROUE DE PARIS is one of the most famous Ferris wheels in the world. Thousands of visitors know it as one of the tourist highlights of the Holiday Season in the City of Love, Paris. With a total height of an impressive 70 meters, it is one of the highest mobile giant wheels in the world.

The ride in the ROUE DE PARIS is suitable for young and old – it connects generations. The semi-enclosed gondola design gives our passengers a very high sense of security, allowing a completely carefree enjoyment of the unique view. Sightseeing trips for families with children or the romantic flight of love in love. Every visitor experiences the ride in the ROUE DE PARIS in his own way.

During the day you can enjoy the kilometer-wide view – in twilight and darkness you will be enchanted by the glittering lights of Paris.

  • 70 meters total height
  • 48 half-closed gondolas for carefree enjoyment of the view
  • family-friendly tourist attraction
  • barrier-free access + gondola for wheelchairs
  • elegant neutral white design
  • many freely configurable surfaces create the best conditions for event branding
  • Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED lighting
  • Audio information system in each of the 48 gondolas
  • most modern safety standards

  • DIN EN 13814
  • Manufacturer: Mondial, Netherlands
  • this ferris wheel is available for rent

Giant Wheel »Roue de Paris« Impressions

Ground plan

Ground dimensions (width x depth): 24 m x 20 m
Height: 70 m
Number of gondolas: 48, each suitable for 8 persons
Electric connections: 200 kW, 400 Volt
Lightning: Energy-efficient LED-technology
Build up: revolutionary and integrated hydraulics – no large mobile crane required
Year of construction: 2015
EU-standarts: DIN EN 13814

Video Riesenrad »Roue de Paris«