Giant Wheel The View Antwerp

Giant Wheel »The View Antwerp«

The View 2 Ferris wheel is the prototype of a new generation of Ferris wheels from the manufacturer SAD Maschinenbau in Dinslaken (Germany). It impresses with an innovative construction and the very compact dimensions with a total height of an impressive 50 meters.

The View 2 stands on 6 supports and is thus less efficient with 2 supports than a conventional giant wheel construction. This reduces the space required behind the Ferris wheel, while the front section benefits from an enlarged station.

A total of 36 gondolas with a standing height of over 2 meters can accommodate up to 216 passengers. The dome-shaped glazing of the gondolas offers an undisturbed panoramic view over the rooftops of the city.

One of the visual highlights of THE VIEW 2 is the sun designed as an LED video wall (wheel hub). At a diameter of 5.5 meters, photos, videos and animations are displayed with approx. 2.8 million pixels.

The View 2 is loaded onto standard semi-trailers, enabling easy transport by truck and boat.

  • 50 meters total height
  • 36 half-closed gondolas for carefree enjoyment of the view
  • family-friendly tourist attraction
  • elegant neutral white design

  • many freely configurable surfaces create the best conditions for event branding
  • Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED lighting
  • most modern safety standards

  • DIN EN 13814
  • Manufacturer: SAD Maschinenbau, Germany
  • this ferris wheel is available for rent

Giant Wheel »The View Antwerp« Impresssions

Fotos © J. Blaetz

Technical specifications

With: 22,7 m
Depth wind load zone 3: 20,0 m
Depth wind load zone 4: 25,0 m
Height: 48 m
Number of gondolas: 36 à 6 Personen
Lightning: Energy-efficient LED-technology
Year of construction: 2019
EU-standard: DIN EN 13814